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                      Career Development

                        • Career Paths

                            BOE provides its employees with platforms for improving both specialist and managerial skills and the choice of career path is to be made individually by the employees.
                            In the direction of professional and technical, set up to promote the post-set, job value and ability as the center of the rank of professional and technical development channel, through professional rank promotion, to the depth of the post for the value orientation, development and training of the field of professional talents. In order to provide more career development opportunities for employees, the company has established a number of ranks (job level) development channel, employees can according to their posts, ability, experience, declare the corresponding sequence rank. In the management direction, through the management of duties and management rank promotion, training professional ability and management ability both complex management personnel.
                            Career Development The dual-channel promotion platform is designed to enable employees to better choose their career path from their own personality and professionalism, ensuring that all employees enjoy the opportunity to advance and grow their business, standardize and improve the staff position management, Of the career development channel, so that employees in different positions, in different stages of development can find their own position, can clear their own in different ranks, duties should have the conditions and value.
                        • Staff Growth Mechanism

                            BOE (BOE) adhering to the "talent training and development should take precedence over the growth of corporate profits," the concept of talent development, the company's goals and personal career development to achieve organic unity.

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